My daughter inside a sideboard cabinet I made.

For me building furniture is a constant challenge. Of course, some days are easier than others. Inspiration for designs can come from objects, nature, other people, other art. The everyday experience be it at home, attending to the children, walking the dog, or working in the shop can provide the seeds for new designs. Building pieces speculatively allows me to challenge my skills and move my design development forward. When I work with a client I find the challenge exists in our give and take over details, in creating work that pleases us both. Each new piece of furniture address a perceived functional need as well as my desire to create an organized yet elegant and colorful environment. I aim to create furniture that is clean, fun and sophisticated.

Originally from New Hampshire, I began my furniture making career in Philadelphia in 1990 as an intern with Jack Larimore. My work has been exhibited on both coasts and I have participated in numerous juried craft shows; The Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Smithsonian Craft Show, to name a few. For a number of years I taught freshman and adults at The University of The Arts, campers ages 8-13 at the Agnes Irwin School, as well as the occasional intern willing to work in the studio. In 2003 I was fortunate to receive a Fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. That same year I co-chaired the Furniture Society Conference in Philadelphia. From 2003-2009 I served on the Board of Trustees of the Furniture Society; as National Conference Co-Chair from 2003-2006 and President from 2007-2009.

North Howard Street ShopCurrently, I work in a cooperative shop on North Howard Street with five other furniture makers. After the past years spent focusing on the Furniture Society and raising the children, I have rededicated myself to creating new work. Perhaps I’ll get to make the totem to the PPA I’ve been musing about for a few years, with my yearlong collection of little white meter tickets.